Texoma Boxing Gym Says Fight Night Bringing In New Business

Texoma Boxing Gym Says Fight Night Bringing In New Business

Wichita Falls, TX -

One boxing gym in Texoma says it's seeing an increase of women stepping in the ring.

When the timer sounds off at Pueblo Boxing, Tyra Jones, a longtime boxer and now trainer gets to work.

"You have to come in here and actually be willing to learn," said Jones. "The technique and the passion for the sport."

She spends weekdays teaching the next boxing enthusiast in Texoma her love for the sport.

"My mother got me started in boxing. She actually worked with my first trainer," said Jones. "I was always a tomboy. Getting in here, sweating and actually being able to hit something and not get in trouble for it. That's what really motivated me to join."

Jones admits since her formative years in boxing the sport has longed for its glory days.

"We have waited several years for this fight and it has really put boxing back in the spotlight," said Jones.

She is talking about the upcoming May 2 fight between undefeated Welterweight Champion, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Ownership at Pueblo Boxing told Newschannel 6 they believe the hype leading up to and and after the fighter announcement has help boost business.

"This month has been our biggest month ever, because of this fight," said Jones. "We have more members coming in, more phone calls wanting more information about classes."

The trend started in January when 27 people signed up for a membership, 33 members in February and 34 so far this month. The biggest shocker, those wanting to put on the gloves and step in the ring.

"We have maybe two men in our classes, but most of our classes are women," said Jones.

A fresh breath of air for Pueblo Boxing and a sport many believe was close to kissing the canvas.

While the average member at its gym may not know much about Mayweather or Pacquiao, management believe exposure to the sport is helping the boxing sports industry.

Owners at

said they have noticed more than a 30 percent increase in its online sale of boxing products.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6