Drought Watch: UV Disinfection

Drought Watch: UV Disinfection

Wichita Falls is adding one more treatment process to the Water Reuse Project. The state requested that Wichita Falls ad Ultra Violet disinfection to the multi-step filtration WRP.

"The TCEQ put a condition on our approval that says if we were going to operate the reuse project for more than six months, then we have to add ultraviolet light disinfection," said Wichita Falls Director of Public Works Russell Schreiber.

Ever since the WRP went on-line nearly seven months ago the city of Wichita Falls has been able to conserve over one billion gallons of water.

The combined reservoir lake levels in Wichita Falls currently hover at 21%. With spring is on the way there is high hopes that the season will bring more rain. However, it's hard to tell when this drought will end.

, Newschannel6