A Throckmorton Family Gives Back Anonymously

A family in Throckmorton is selflessly giving back to their community, but they want to remain anonymous.

“I asked specifically, would you like to be named and they said, we would rather not.  I will respect that and honor that.  It's such a blessing and so huge to the community that I wouldn't dare go past those wishes," said Mayor of Throckmorton, Will Carroll.

This family who wants to be anonymous has helped with many things in Throckmorton from the Fire Department to the swimming pool, to the downtown street programs and the restoration of the county courthouse.

“Every aspect of the city, they have offered their assistance and we could not be more grateful," said Carroll.

Without this family, Mayor Carroll said that there are things that couldn't have been done without their financial assistance, like Lake Throckmorton.

“I got a call and said would you even consider getting the lake (Lake Throckmorton) cleaned out.   I said well absolutely, we can't afford that.  They said, well this is something that we would like to do as a contribution to clean it out for the community.  I was like, let's make it happen," said Carroll.

Even though the family wants to go unnoticed, Mayor Carroll and some residents we spoke to off camera said, their help isn't.

“Their contributions are consistent and many and they do not hesitate one bit to help their community," said Carroll.

, Newschannel 6