Concealed Carry On Campus

Concealed Carry On Campus

Texas Senators approved a bill that would allow college students to bring handguns to their campus.

Wichita Falls Police Sergeant Harold McClure said it's licensed gun owners are no less dangerous than licensed car drivers.

"I think it is worth anything when you're given the opportunity to carry a weapon, it's just like anything else," said Sergeant McClure.

As a police officer McClure said it's his job to uphold and enforce the law.

"The whole purpose of law enforcement is to create and environment of protection," said Sergeant McClure.

And as a police officer McClure said it's not his job to comment on whether or not crime will increase if guns are allowed on college campuses.

"I don't see where we can actually gauge where it's going to increase or decrease violence on campus I guess it's one of those we will def see," said Sergeant McClure.

There were a total 6 university systems in the Lone Star State, including Texas A&M and University of Texas systems that estimate that this proposed bill would result in a $59 billion dollar increase in spending on campus security.

The bill will now go over to the Texas House. Here is a direct link to the bill.

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