89th District Court Judge Appointed

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has appointed a Wichita Falls attorney to fill the Wichita County 89


District Court judge position.

Charles Barnard found out he was appointed on Monday.

“It was really an opportunity that came about,” he said.

This isn't the first time he was approached about filing for the position.  However, he was content at what he was doing, so the timing wasn't right.

Barnard went to the University of Texas and earned his law degree from South Texas College of Law.  Since 1979 he has been practicing law in Wichita Falls.

“I practiced law and tried a lot of cases over the first third of my career,” he said.

For the last 15 years he has been a mediator and has worked with all of the judges in Wichita County.

“Essentially the parties come together in my office with their attorneys if they're represented by an attorney.  Most of the time they are and we would try to settle the case,” Barnard said.

Being a mediator was something he has really enjoyed doing and it has given him the experience he needs to become a judge.  He is also the owner of The Law Offices of Charles Barnard.  Barnard is also a member and past president of the Wichita County Bar Association and a fellow of the State Bar Foundation.  He also provides legal services for the Wichita Falls Boys and Girls Club.

“Now, I'm thinking the last third of my career, perhaps it would be good to serve the community of Wichita County as a district judge,” he said.

Barnard pointed out the fact that Wichita County has always had a great group of judges.

“They have been fair in their rulings,” he said, “They have cordial with attorneys. They have been professional with the attorneys.”

Even though he said he is ready for the job, he knows he has big shoes to fill.

” Judge Mark Price came in the 89th District Court and he was a wonderful judge.  We had a wonderful relationship and he's going to be missed,” Barnard said.

While he is excited to take on the position, the appointment still has to be confirmed by the Texas senate.

“Hopefully I can pass through that confirmation and then it's a matter of logistics of the timetable set by the governor's office and all that,” he said.

He hopes to start by the end of April, but it could take longer.  His term will end at the next general election, which is in November 2016.  He said at that time he will file again, in hopes of continuing his career as a district judge.

, Newschannel 6