Faith in the Falls

It was a Night of Faith in Wichita Falls as 2 homeless shelters were honored for the countless lives they have forever changed.

At a benefit Monday night, amazing testimonies were shared of programs that prove the non-profit doesn't stop with a hand out, but rather focuses on second chances.

For Kristie Muniz the refuge became her safe haven, after years of her thinking she could kick her drug habit on her own.

"It obviously didn't work. I've been an addict for 20 years and just celebrated a year clean. I've got hope now where as before I had nothing but shame and guilt. There is no way I could repay them. They have helped me re store my relationship with my kids with my family and just given my a whole new outlook on life," said Muniz.

Another person who also found hope through the program is Anthony Anders, a hard core drug addict who's spent 3 years of his struggle with addiction behind bars.

"I found Christ while I was inside and made a determination that I needed to change my life, so instead of going and getting high I went straight to the recovery program. Whenever you're an addict you have all these problems, you don't have a chance to deal with it and so they address these issues and give you the syllabus for success," said Anders.

Anthony is now looking to take that pain and heartache and put it to good use by working to become a councilor helping folks suffering with substance abuse.