Report Shows Wichita County Health Ranking Improves

New numbers are out on the latest County health rankings in Texas. 

"We are very excited and encouraged about the results," Amy Fagan, the Assistant Director of Health at the Wichita Falls Wichita County Public Health District said.

Wichita County jumped from 151 to 135.  This is the highest Wichita County has ranked since the report started six years ago.

One of the biggest improvements in the


was in the access to exercise opportunities category.

"We've seen a 20-percent increase in that year over year, which is amazing," she said.

However, it seems residents aren't taking advantage of this opportunity.

Fagan said, "The rate of inactivity reported in activity is still 29-percent."

The report still shows a number of positive strides for the county.

“Our obesity rate, although it's not a significant change, we went from 33-percent to 32-percent in adult obesity,” she said.

High school graduation rates also improved and so did premature death rates.  However, there is still room for improvement.

Fagan said, “32-percent is not okay for obesity and the 29-percent of inactivity rate is still a high concern.”

An area of high priority is the smoking rate, which sits at 21-percent.

“That's really high compared with Texas, which last year was 17-percent,” she said.

It is also high when compared to the United States, but something to take notice of is the data was not updated in the most recent report.

“The thing is you can look at a number, but it's important for us to look at those things that make up that number,” Fagan said.

So, while health officials take all studies seriously, they know there can be limitations.

She said, “Some of this information is not current data, so it's not a picture of our county as of right now, today.”

However, it still gives them an overall picture, which helps them come up with a plan moving forward.

If you would like to look at the report,

click the link below: