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New Road Rule?

New Road Rule?

Texas lawmakers want to make it illegal for Texas drivers to read, write or send text messages if they are driving unless they are off the roadway. Wednesday Texas Representatives passed a bill that would do all of those things. Texoma Congressman James Frank voted against the measure.

"Distracted driving is dangerous and is a problem on Texas roads.  However, I voted against HB 80 because it will be exceedingly difficult for law enforcement personnel to enforce and could make their already difficult job even tougher.  There are so many exceptions to the prohibition on texting while driving that distinguishing between drivers who are texting and those who are using the phone for legal purposes is practically impossible.  Regardless of my feelings about the bill, texting while driving is a behavior all of us should discourage." -Rep. Frank Statement

The bill does allow for drivers to use their cell phones while driving if they are using a hands free device. The bill also allows for GPS technology and "emergency" calls or text to be made. However, it might be hard to discern what an "emergency" call or text is.

Texans will be charged with a misdemeanor if caught texting, reading, or writing while driving. A punishable offense with fines ranging between $25 to as much as $100. Texas Senators will now have their first look at the bill.

Look at the bill by clicking HERE!

Jack Carney, Newschannel6
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