Woman The Next Face Of $20 Bill?

Woman The Next Face Of $20 Bill?

Wichita Falls, TX- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Andrew Jackson are just a just a few faces on American bills. 

The U.S. Department of the Treasury has not changed the faces on its bills since 1929, but one organization wants to change that, it would like to see a woman on a bill.

WomenOn20s.org said it hopes to make it happen by the year 2020. So that Americans can go to a bank, withdraw cash and see the face of a woman who has contributed to our country.

"That would be a cool way to kind of show appreciation," said Katerina Justice.

"I wouldn't be opposed to it," said a Texoman woman.

Last year, a little girl wrote a letter to President Obama asking him why a woman is not on any American printed money.

In a speech last year, the President told a crowd at a rally, “I thought it was a pretty good idea.”

That little girl's curiosity may be the brainchild behind something great. ‘Women On 20s,' an organization founded by a woman in New York City, is behind the campaign to push the United States Treasury to place a historical female on the bill currently occupied by President Andrew Jackson.

Some of the notable women being tossed around to fill Jacksons place: Shirley Chisholm, Susan b. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Harriet Tubman, just to name a few.

The organization's reason for scraping president Andrew Jackson - his role in the Trail of Tears and his opposition of the central banking system, favoring hard money over paper money.

Why the $20?

The organization's website said the year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of The Voting Rights Act, a significant milestone in American history, that gave women the right to vote.

Newschannel 6 asked Texomans who they thought was fit for a bill. 

One Texoman said, "Hillary Clinton."

Katerina said, legendary Civil Rights activist,"Rosa Parks."

Texomans expressed their opinions on Newschannel 6 Facebook page.

Ron Ballew wrote, "The figures on money should be ex-presidents. The first woman elected president can go on a dollar bill."

Chip Kouri said, "Take your pick!" He also added a list of well respected women in American history.

Many others simply said, “None.”

For now it's only a matter of public opinion, but some women are banking on leaving their mark in U.S. history.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6