6 On Your Side: Bowie Scammer

6 On Your Side; Bowie Scammer

There's a new warning from the Better Business Bureau. An online company based in Texoma is allegedly scamming people out of money. Victims from all over the United States and Canada say they never received items they purchased online from

and they're asking Newschannel 6 to get answers.

"The complaints in this particular situation allege non delivery of merchandise that's been ordered," said Monica Horton, President of the Better Business Bureau of North Central Texas.

Horton says the company also offers a work-at-home opportunity where you can be a representative for the business.

"Some of the other complaints allege that the commissions owed to the various representatives have not been paid either," said Horton.

Horton says they've received seven complaints since November against The Wagon Wheel Company. The complaints are coming from all across the United States including Colorado, Oregon, Florida and Michigan. These complains led the BBB to issue The Wagon Wheel Company an 'F' rating.

"Our rating scale goes all the way from an 'A+' to an 'F', so this is the lowest rating we can possibly give a company," Horton said. " In this situation, we are unable to contact the business. They are not responsive to us."

Newschannel 6 decided to go straight to the business itself, looking up the address listed on the BBB Business Review website. We were looking for Stacy Dunmire. Dunmire is the name cited in several of the complaints and the name the BBB has listed as owner of The Wagon Wheel Company website. No one answered the door and just as we were about to leave, we saw a leaving the drive way. When Newschannel 6 questioned the driver, she said she recently moved into the home and has never heard of a Stacy Dunmire. However, she still gets mail intended for the previous owners under the last name of Mazza. When looking back over the victims who reached out to us through email, one victim points out Stacy Dunmire now goes by the name Stacy Mazza. Nonetheless, the address listed for The Wagon Wheel Company is incorrect.

"We have no knowledge of a business at Orchard," Bowie Building Official David Rainey said.

Rainey says a business operating out of a home, even an online business, would need to file for a permit from the city.

"They would need to apply for a home occupation permit to do such activity," said Rainey.

Rainey does not have that permit from The Wagon Wheel Company.

Some of the victims tell Newscahnnel 6 they were able to get their money back from PayPal, others are still out hundreds of dollars. One victim from Canada never received her order totaling $450.

After several attempts, we were never able to get a hold of Stacy Dunmire or Stacy Mazza.

Several victims tell Newschannel 6 they filed complaints with the Bowie Police Department against Stacy Dunmire (Mazza). The Bowie Police Department has no record of any complaints filed against either of those names.