Going Above and Beyond for Burkburnett

Going Above and Beyond for Burkburnett

Severe weather season is here in Texoma, and understanding what's going on in the sky can help officials make last minute decisions.

One Texoma town's emergency managers are going above and beyond to make their community safer.

"Burkburnett is a real tight knit community, and we really want to take care of our citizens so they feel safe," Emergency Management Coordinator of the Burkburnett Police Department Jonny Zellner said.

It's not the RADAR you're used to seeing police officers paying attention to.

But Detective Jonny Zellner and Officer Jeff Krc, the Emergency Management Coordinators for the Burkburnett Police Department, know more than most about tilts and reflectivity.

"Myself and Jeff have both been to Norman for classes on weather radar, so we feel we're pretty prepared for severe weather situations," Zellner said.

Both Zellner and Krc use the knowledge gained in those classes, along with the resources at their disposal in their Weather Center, to make quick decisions when disaster strikes.

"It helps the citizens of Burk because we really see what's going on around us, and can make last minute decisions," Officer Jeff Krc said.

But one of the things the two police officers have learned is that you can never be totally prepared.

"You can just prepare for the worst and hope for the best and see what comes out of it. Mother Nature is in control and we just have to live in her area," Krc said.

Zellner and Krc hope that they can pass their unusual expertise to Burkburnett citizens. In the end, though, Krc stresses that its up to the individual person to monitor severe weather.

"People always ignore the weather until its too late," Krc said. "And they really need to take heed whenever there's a warning for a watch, there's a reason for it. Doesn't mean that storms are going to happen, the weather changes, Mother Nature's in control, but be prepared whenever it does."

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6