Call To Serve

Call To Serve

Texoma teens had an opportunity to learn the long list of application requirements that are involved to get into a national service academy.

In order to get into the academy you must not only possess great skills, leadership and grades, but also receive a nomination from a local Congressman, Senator, Vice President, or President.

"They are limited he can have five people from his district in each academy at one time," said Paul Simpson, Deputy District Director for Congressman Mac Thornberry.

Joshua Agosto is Burkburnett High School teen interested in attending a service academy. His father flew for the Air Force and Agosto hopes to do the same.

"It's certainly very scary you know cause there is a lot of people you know just as qualified as I am maybe even more qualified

so it just means more competition. But that's won't deter me from wanting to submit my applications and stuff like that. I'm pretty confident," said Agosto.

As college costs continue to climb Agosto's parents realize admission into a service academy not only offers a great chance to serve his country but would also help with finances.

"Being able to come right out of college with very little burden when you're at the low end of the pay spectrum not to have to pay back your scholarships that's a big win," said Pete Agosto; Joshua Agosto's father.

However, all five service academies are under a mandate to reduce class size so it's very competitive. Click

for more information on the service academies and the application process.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6