Wichita Christian Expansion

Wichita Christian Expansion

Residents of one Wichita Falls community are fighting to prevent a private school from securing land rights to build a football field near their homes.

Wichita Christian School Expressed interest in obtaining a property off Lake Park Drive that's owned by the First Presybertian Chruch. That street is located in a residential neighborhood. Residents inside that neighborhood worry WCS won't be using it for those residential purposes.

"This is a residential neighborhood it is zoned residential and the deed restrictions and the convenience

designate it as being residential," said Naoma Clark who lives less than 300 feet from the property.

Clark worries that if a WCS is able to get the land they could apply for a conditional use permit to build a football field on the property.

"The issue of a conditional use permit takes that out of a residential use and it also opens the door, we consider it a very slippery slope," said Clark.

This is not the first time that the land has been smeared in controversy in 2000 First Presybertian Church obtained a conditional use permit to construct a basketball gym that still stands on the property today.

"It is false thinking that just because an owner got a conditional use permit a couple of years ago does not make that property that," said Clark.

Other neighbors surrounding the property seem to be in support of Clark, who has already run out of opposition yard signs she is selling and hopes will spread the message.

Jack Carney,