The Dangers of Laced Marijuana

Newschannel 6 uncovered a case where a teen was hospitalized after getting, what could have been laced marijuana.

Since drugs are the crime that fuels all other crimes officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department are constantly being proactive.

"If they have issues in a certain neighborhood, then they make traffic stops to deal with any type of drug problems that they may have," Officer Timothy Johnson with the WFPD said.

However, it is impossible to catch everyone.  So, drug deals will go down and sometimes the drugs, like marijuana, are laced.

"Well, typically what you see if they have to lace it, it's probably going to cost more because of whatever drug they laced it with may be more expensive," he said.

Police said there isn't necessarily a popular drug that is laced with marijuana.

Officer Johnson said, "They can use any type of drug probably that you can think of that they can lace marijuana with."

So it could be K2, cocaine, meth, prescription pills, etc.

The goal is to get you hooked to a more expensive drug and drug dealers aren't targeting a specific age group.  For them, it's about profit, but that profit could cost you your health and even your life.

"It could just be one person's system reacting differently to the same drug," he said.

Another point of concern is the concentration of the marijuana.  Officer Johnson said if the levels of THC are high enough, it can cause psychotic states and problems with mental health.

"What I would encourage parents to look for is watch for behavior changes, if their interests change, and if their eating habits change," he said.

If something appears wrong, your child is having a reaction get help immediately.  The bottom line, pay extra attention to your child.  Even noticing the smell of marijuana on their clothing can help.  Also, don't be afraid to talk to your child about drug dangers.   

Now, as far as the case with the teenager, there was another teenager involved.  However, he didn't have a reaction.  Police have arrested a 35-year-old for selling them the marijuana.  He is behind bars in the Wichita County Jail and his bond is $150,000.

, Newschannel 6