Almost Half of U.S. Saving Practically Nothing

Almost Half of U.S. Saving Practically Nothing

When it comes to finances, Texoma resident Sophie Platt is extremely frugal.

"I put some of my income into savings each month and make sure everything I'm purchasing is more of a want than a need," Platt said.

Sophie's story is not a common one. A new survey speaks to how uncommon it is for Americans to save that extra cash. Forty six percent of Americans are saving less than 5% of their incomes, where more than 75% are saving less than 10%. Bankrate.comrecommends you save fifteen percent.

"In our society is more about what we want and what we need and what we deserve," Platt said, "and so with the option of credit  you can shove everything on a credit card and buy exactly what you want.

Certified Financial Planner Gary Silverman says he's noticed a trend in these better economic times

"People are feeling more confident, better about themselves, and because of that they are spending more, borrowing more, and saving less."

But Texoma may be the exception to the rule. We spoke with a number of locals today who think twice before they buy.

"My wife and I are big 'budgeteers,' we typically save first spend a fix amount of money each month," Rob Hyde, a Texoma resident, said.

Texoma resident Larry Evangelista said, "I'm a shoes freak with Jordans. Now I go past them and move on."

In a high job security environment, Silverman says we tend not to worry about money as much. However, he cautions people who think they don't need to save in the good times.

"That's of course mortgaging the future, because if you're borrowing to spend, your actually spending tomorrows money today."

Money you could be dropping in your piggy bank for the future.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6