WCS Scraps Building Football Field on Wilson House Property

Wichita Christian school board members have decided not to build a football field on the Wilson House property.

Residents in the neighborhood were read a letter stating this last week.  The main reason why they came to this conclusion was because of the restrictions that would be put on the property.

"We have a football field.  We already have a football team," Dr. Don Heyen, President of the Wichita Christian School Board of Directors said.

They don't plan on giving up on the goal of having a home field.

"We formed an action team and there's people that are currently seeking locations for us to build a football field," he said.

However, Harry Patterson and Mike Shallenberger are still looking at purchasing the property and donating it to WCS.

"It's still a working progress," Dr. Heyen said, "It's kind of unknown."

In the letter that was read to the residents, it stated they would use the property in its current state.  It goes on to say it would be used for classrooms, their secondary school program, and administration offices.

"If we moved out administration that would allow us to provide more classrooms for the preschool," he said.

They would also use the gym that is on the property.

This is why residents are still concerned.  If the property is purchased and given to Wichita Christian, they are worried the school will build a football field later on.  Even if that does not happen, they are concerned the property will be used for activities.  This could cause more traffic and lead to possible lighting on the property.

The residents said all they are trying to do is protect their investment.  They want the neighborhood to stay the way it is, quiet.  They suggest the property be used for single family homes.

So, while residents are ready for this to be over, all they can do is wait.

"The next step for us is prayer, and some searching," Dr. Heyen said.

, Newschannel 6