WFPD Annual Report Shows Drug Crimes Are Down

The Wichita Falls Police Department released its 2014 Annual Report on Thursday.  It contains information on property and violent crimes around the city.

It shows major crimes, like murder, robbery and aggravated assault went down from 2010 to 2014.  On the other hand, drug related crimes went up from this time frame.  However, they are slightly down from 2013.

“If you'll look, last year the search warrant affidavits, we went up from 74 to 218 on that,” Officer Brandie Banda with the WFPD said, “So, that shows that our Organized Crime Unit is working hard to get these drugs off the streets.”

This shows progress, but drugs are still a problem.  Officer Banda said one reason is because drugs are the crime that fuels every other crime.

“I think there's always going to be the drugs,” she said, “There's always going to be the issues that come with drugs.”

Many people Newschannel 6 spoke to off camera agreed that drugs will never go away.  While most of them guessed marijuana was the most seized drug, that's not the case.

“The methamphetamine powder was the big drug in 2014 according to our annual report,” Officer Banda said.

It accounted for 37-percent of the drugs seized last year.

Many Texomans questioned this because marijuana is cheaper to buy on the streets.  Officer Banda explained this could be the case, but meth is the cheaper drug to make.

“They're making it themselves and then selling it and plus, transporting it through our city going to other locations,” she said.

Packaged marijuana came in second making up 21-percent of the drugs seized.  Third on the list was heroin.

This is why the main goal of the police department is to be proactive at getting drugs off the street.  The dollar amount of the drugs they took off the streets more than doubled from the previous year.  For 2014 the grand total was $588,544,06.

Officer Banda said tips from the public also helped them be more proactive.

“We've got out crime stoppers that we get out tips called into,” she said, “We've got private messages on our Facebook page from people with information.”

However, Officer Banda said a lot of it is because of the dedication and determination by everyone in the department.  She explained if they notice an  area where drugs are happening more often, they will target that area with more officers.  They will also execute more traffic stops.

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