New Liquor Laws

New Liquor Laws

Big name stores like Wal-Mart and Target could soon be allowed to sell liquor. Two bills currently in the state legislature could mean that local liquor stores will have a little more competition when it comes to business.


both call for the state to lift a ban that prevents publicly traded companies from selling liquor and other spirits. Kocks Liquor in Wichita Falls has been selling for decades.

"In order to have a license in the state of Texas currently you have to be a resident of the state there cannot be ownership from outside the state," said Victor Kocks owner of Kocks Liquor.

Small privately owned businesses like Kocks could go out of business if Wal-mart and other big chains are allowed a chance to sell. Kocks said it's about more than having new competition when it comes to making money, it's about where the money goes.

"One big reason is because their money goes back to other states all of our money is spent locally for our economy, for our sidewalks, our streets, and our schools," said Kocks.

The bills are currently awaiting action from their respective committees right now. If they are approved the laws would take effect September 1st of this year.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6