Expensive Easter

Expensive Easter

Americans were likely to spend more money this easter as compared to last easter as reported by the National Retail Federation. A total of $16.4 billion will have been spent by the holidays end. On average Americans will have spent $140.62 on everything from candy to greeting cards.

The report breaks up spending by region showing substantial financial differences in how much money is being spent. Northeasterns will spend the most with an average total of $163.56. Southerners will have spent an average of $135.16 on the holiday.

The report also looked at trends beyond what people would spend. For example, 55.6% of southerners will go to church while only 47% of northeasterners will have gone to church.

The report looks at previous spending trends as well and this year, consumers will have spent a total of three dollars more than last years average of $137.46 per person. Either way though many people like Jessica James Brady of Burkburnet write, "It's not about candy it's about Jesus."

, Newschannel6