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Public and Private Pool Operators Water and Treatment Guidance

Due to the ongoing drought,  the city of Wichita Falls remains under a Stage 5 Drought Catastrophe. 

During Stage 5, public swimming pools cannot be filled using potable water supplied by the city of Wichita Falls. The Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District has issued guidance documents (here and here) for acceptable sources of water and treatment of the water for public swimming pools. These recommendations are designed to help pool operators provide a healthy swimming environment for the public with a consistent method of safe delivery of water to their facility without using City of Wichita Falls resources. 

The Texas Department of State Health Services requires water well operators, who provide water for public swimming pools, to have a chemical analysis water test done once every 3 years.  The results are provided to pool operator so they can adjust and treat the water to comply with the recommended maximum levels of secondary constituents (chemical levels) before introducing the water into a pool.  The Health District will require testing for microbial contaminants and pH of the well water and will routinely inspect swimming pools for microbial contaminants, pH, free available chlorine, and cyanuric acid. 

While the Health District does not regulate private swimming pools, the guide is recommended for homeowners to use as well to keep their family and friends healthy while enjoying a swimming pool. The use of storm water collection/runoff or gray water is not permitted in public pools and is not recommended for use in private swimming pools. For questions please contact the Environmental Health Division at 940-761-7820.

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