Community Service Champion: April

Community Service Champion: April

Frances Hoffman started the tradition 30 of bringing joy to classrooms at the Windthorst Elementary school 30 years ago.

Hoffman says, "I think I get more out of it than the kids do. It's something I enjoy doing."

Hoffman reads and delivers goodies to the kids. Each holiday she dresses up as something different for her visits. "I come on Halloween dressed as a clown. I come on Thanksgiving as either an Indian or a Pilgrim. I come at Christmas as Santa Claus. I come on Valentines, I have another clown suit with hearts in it. This year I got to make St Patrick's Day. I dressed in green so I didn't get pinched and I'm the Easter Bunny."

Teachers, and especially kids, look forward to each one.

Kristen Brenden is a kindergarten teacher and says that they are very fortunate in Windthorst to have her, and that the children anticipate her next visit.

Hoffman has a total of 4 kids, 24 grand kids, and 51 great grand kids. With that many, you can bet at least one of them are in each class
One of her great-grandson's, Riley, says, "It's great when she comes. I do love her, she reads us books. "

Hoffman hopes to deliver more than just a bag of goodies, but rather a message. "You're supposed to live everyday like it's your last day. Enjoy what you do, get out there and really enjoy stuff. Go to school and get your education. I think that's very important."

She hopes to continuing doing this for many more years. "I don't know how long when your 92 you just don't know how long, but good Lord willing I'll be back next year."

Ken Johnson Newschannel 6.