Texoma Bug Boom

Things are warming up across Texoma, and with the increase in temperatures comes a boom in bugs.

As soon as temperatures get over 70 degrees the bugs start moving around.

With a week of warm temps ahead, what better time to talk about the Texoma bugs that are coming out to play.

Owner/Operator of Dave's Bug Pro David Brown said there are thousands of varieties of bugs and it's hard to identify what each one is, but he does a pretty good job, especially when it comes to focusing on which bugs seem to be crawling around Texoma neighborhoods.

There are different kinds of pests, some are just annoying and then there are some that are actually painful and could be hazardous.

Brown says spring tails fall under the annoying category, they are commonly found in your house in bathrooms and kitchens, but most don't know what the tiny hopping critters really are.

"They hop and spring inside your window seal, and when people get those they are inquisitive of what they are." said Brown

And when the conditions are right, the insects, that are often confused with fleas, multiply.

Although they are a nuisance, the bugs seem to be harmless.

Brown says he is also seeing more wasps flying around.

" I find it better to just walk away from them and try not to swat at them and anger them. Just avoid them, if you stir them up and they get angry, they will attack." said Brown.

To fight back against all of these un-welcomed pest, there are barriers you can spray on the outside and inside of your home.

But if you do it yourself, he advises you to read the label and  pay attention to cautions, adding they are there for a reason.