Montague County Speed Limit Changes

If you drive on Highway 59 between Bowie and Montague, get ready to slow down.

"Our traffic department made a study on that stretch of roadway and decided that it would be more prudent to lower the speed limit," Adele Lewis the Public Information Officer for TxDOT in Wichita Falls said.

The speed limit will be changed from 70 to 75 miles an hour to 65 miles an hour.

The reason why TxDOT conducted the study, was concerned residents.  Part of the problem is it's a two lane highway.  So, if anyone wants to turn off the highway, residents said it is dangerous.  They also said it is dangerous for people trying to get on the highway.  Especially the residents who live along the highway.

"The concern has always been that they believe that 75 is too fast for that stretch of roadway and it's unsafe," Lewis said.

She explained when ever they conduct a study, they look at everything about the road.  This includes the type of roadway, if it has shoulders, and what type of traffic there is. 

Lewis said, "It is traveled quite often."

There is a lot of truck traffic due to the increase of energy activity in Montague County.

Many residents Newschannel 6 spoke to off camera felt changing the speed limit will make a difference when it comes to safety.  However, they said it is still going to be 65 miles an hour.  So, with homes and businesses along the eleven mile stretch, it will still be dangerous.

Other residents felt 75 miles an hour is an appropriate speed limit, but they are okay with the change.

On Monday, April 13th TxDOT crews will be installing new speed limit signs.  It will only take one day to install them since there are already sign posts along the highway.

The speed along Highway 59 was increased a few years ago.  Lewis said the state legislature passed a law stating all highways needed to increase their speed limits to 75 miles and hour if they could.

, Newschannel 6