6 On Your Side Update: "I Am Not A Scammer"

A Bowie woman accused of scamming dozens of people out of money wants to clear her name.

We first told you last month about numerous complaints posted online about the online business The Wagon Wheel Company. At the time our original story aired, we were unable to get in contact with Stacy Dunmire, the owner of the online store. Now, Dunmire is coming forward saying she's not a scam artist.

Dunmire refused to talk to us on camera, but she did talk with Newschannel 6 Kaylee Pfeiferling on her porch.

We asked Dunmire about complaints from dozens of people across the US, claiming they never received their purchases and emails to Dunmire went unanswered.

Dunmire says these allegations can be traced to one disgruntled former employee with an ax to grind after being let go as a representative for Dunmire's company.

However, when questioned about the merchandise that was apparently never delivered to clients, Dunmire says a mix up with the manufacturer in early December caused many packages to be delayed. She says those clients have been refunded, despite what the comments say online.

In fact, Dunmire even showed Newschannel 6 her PayPal account where nearly $3,000 in refunds have been issued since December.

As far as Dunmire's reputation as a reliable business owner, she says she's been involved in several business ventures and this is the first time she's ever had any negative feedback.

The Better Business Bureau told us they were unable to get a hold of Dunmire regarding customer complaints which led them to give The Wagon Wheel Company an 'F' rating. We asked Dunmire about this, she insists she has had open communication with the BBB.

Within the last 24 hours, The Wagon Wheel Company website has been taken down.