Texas Rangers Investigating Double Homicide

An investigation is underway in Hardeman County after two people were found dead.

It has been six years since someone was murdered in Quanah, but on Wednesday night that changed.

DPS Trooper Dan Hawthorne said the sheriff's office got a 911 called around 8:45p.m.  After an investigation was done, it was determined that two people, a man and a woman, were killed.  Since then, the Texas Rangers have taken over the investigation. 

Trooper Hawthorn said the victims' bodies have been sent in for an autopsy.  He said that should be completed by Friday.  Until then they cannot release the names of the victims.  Officials also can't release their age and how they were murdered.

However, because of this incident Quanah ISD was on a soft lockdown on Thursday.  Meaning the teachers were on high alert and no visitors were allowed on campus.  We reached out to the superintendent to see if they would stay on a soft lockdown on Friday, but he was unavailable.

Officials can't confirm where the crime happened, but residents led Newschannel 6 to a house just west of Quanah.  It is along Highway 285 near State Loop 133.  You could clearly see the crime scene tape surrounding the house.

Residents told us the house was known for parties.  So, they wouldn't be surprised if drugs were involved.  When Newschannel 6 called officials to see if that was where the crime happened, they said they could not confirm it.

Residents also said a vehicle was town in connection to the murders.  After driving around the small town, the owner of the Isnhower Towing Company confirmed a vehicle was impounded on Thursday morning.  However, he said the car was released by the Texas Ranger after investigating the vehicle.

Many of the residents we spoke to off camera were upset this crime happened.  They said if the drug problem in Quanah was under control, something like this would have never happened.

Stay with Newschannel 6 as we continue to follow this developing story.

, Newschannel 6