Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Endorses WFISD Bond

Wichita Falls, TX. - The Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors believes that having a prepared workforce is one of the most important aspects of economic development, perhaps the most important aspect, and they believe the proposed Career and Technical Education Center aims to address just that, to prepare Wichita Falls' workforce specifically for job opportunities available both in the present and the future. 

Because of this, the Chamber's Board of Directors unanimously voted to endorse upcoming the WFISD Bond that would fund the development of a new CTE Center in Wichita Falls. They encourage everyone interested in a brighter future for our children and our business community to vote "Yes" on May 9.

If the bond is approved, more than 35 million dollars would be spent to build a state-of-the-art facility which would allow real-world training and equipment. Approximately 20 career fields would be added to the district's curriculum.

The Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce believes a new CTE center would provide space for greater collaboration with Vernon College, MSU and local business and industry.