Tax Time

Tax Time

The clock is ticking, have you filed your taxes yet? The April 15th deadline is this Wednesday. The IRS reported that by the end of March, roughly 50 million or one third of this year returns in the U.S. had yet to be filed.

Jennifer New of United Way, Wichita Falls is helping people file just two days before the deadline.

"In order to file your taxes here at the V.I.T.A. stop we require a driver's license, social security cards for everyone in the home and your W-2 all your income that you received for the year," said New.

New said that one of the many hurdles she sees people running into when filing is a lack of documentation. A lack of proper paperwork could prevent you from getting your money quicker. If that paperwork is not properly filled out it could result in a complete rejection.

If you still have yet to file your taxes walk-in's are welcome, but New said that people can call and make an appointment with United Way ahead of time. You can contact North Texas United Way, Wichita Falls (940)322-8638.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6