Get Signed Up For Emergency Alerts By Switching to Nixle

The way Wichita Falls residents receive emergency alerts is changing.  The emergency alert system, Code Red, will soon be replaced with Nixle.

"The goal is to get the word out to as many people as possible,"said Officer Jeff Hughes with the Wichita Falls Police Department.

W.F.P.D. has been using the Nixle alert system for the past two years to warn and alert residents of things happening in the community.  The police department has had great success with Nixle, but now it won't just be officers who will be using this system.  The City of Wichita Falls Public Information Office, the Wichita Falls Fire Department and the Department of Emergency Management will all be using Nixle to alert Wichita Falls residents.

To receive a Nixle alert, residents will need to text their 5-digit zip code to 888-777. A confirmation will be sent to their cell phone and from there, the resident will begin to get alerts.

Texting isn't the only way to sign up for Nixle alerts; you can also sign up for email alerts by heading to

.  There you can also have emergency alerts sent to a land-line.

City Officials are hoping that by using Nixle, it will make alerting citizens much simpler.

"We are able to pin-point an area.  If we need to contact just one area of town, Nixle has that capability where we can just pinpoint the area if that's all we need to contact," said Hughes.

Once the City of Wichita Falls P.I.O. Office, the Fire Department, Police Department and Department of Emergency Management send a Nixle, it will also be sent to their social media accounts.

By switching to Nixle, the city will be saving money. Nixle alerts are about half the cost of Code Red alerts.

Code Red will expire June 1, 2015. Once this happens, other Wichita Falls city departments like the Health Department, Street Department and Parks and Recreation will have access to Nixle Alerts.

Wichita County will still use the Code Red alert system for now, but officials who spoke with Newschannel 6 said that are looking at Nixle alerts.

, Newschannel 6