Board Reaction to Possible Resignation

Despite the sudden and surprising announcement by Wichita Falls ISD's superintendent, board members are confident it will not affect voters in May.

A press release was sent out Monday, April 13


stating that Dr. John Frossard was named the lone finalist of the Beaumount ISD superintendent search.  WFISD Board President Trey Sralla said they basically found out about the situation when everyone else did.  However, he said this is normal.

The WFISD Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, April 14


for a work session and behind closed doors, they talked about the situation with Dr. Frossard.  It took them nearly two and a half hours to talk about items including this.

“Chances are he's leaving,” Sralla said.

State law says he can't accept the position for 21 days, but eventually the seat could be empty.  However, the board of trustees isn't waiting to find a replacement.

Sralla said, “Monday night is the earliest we can actually name a successor to Dr. Frossard pending him leaving.

Most likely the person will become the interim, but there are still some unknowns.

“He's not resigned,” he said, “He is still the superintendent of the WFISD until his resignation.”

Dr. Frossard has been the WFISD Superintendent for three years.  This  is average for this type of position, but the district's bond election is less than two weeks away.

“He wants to see this happen for Wichita Falls,” Sralla said, “You know, you don't spend three years as a superintendent some place and not still care what does on in the district.”

While many questions if the move will have a negative impact on the public's vote, board members are not worried.

“Yes, he was a big proponent for CTE, but so was everybody on the board and so is the rest of the team,” he said.

Sralla hopes the public will understand this is just a part of life.  He said they will have a smooth transition plan in place, but make sure your vote no matter which was it is.

The school board wants the next superintendent to be a leader with a focus on education.  It is possible that the district will have internal apply, but the board president said it is just too soon to think about it.  So, until the formal resignation comes in, all there is left to do is make a plan and wait.

“There's nothing certain in life until it's all done,” Sralla said.

, Newschannel 6