WFISD School Bond: Parent Reaction

WFISD School Bond: Parent Reaction

Newschannel6 hit the streets to find out if Dr. Frossards resignation affected parents' feelings about the upcoming school bond's proposed career tech center. Parents all said they support the career tech center and were more than happy to invest in the future.

At Wichita Falls high school many of the parents could be seen picking up their children around 3:00 p.m. after the final bell. Joel Flanders is one of those parents.

"I do support it, I think it is a good idea for those students who are not college bound. I would like to see things like computer programming and that kind of thing. I just think that it's really important out in the work place there is a lot of calls for that kind of worker," Joel Flanders.

Others like Belinda Puente said they would think that a CTE Center would be vital to helping kids adapt to the real world without the high price of a college education.

"This way, if they have a career or some kind of tech school they can see things are attainable that it's not so far out of reach. A lot of kids get out of high school and they are like, I don't want to go back to school this way they can go ahead and go towards a degree or some career while they are in high school and it might want to make them want to finish and continue in college," said point.

Vernon College President Dr. Dusty R. Johnston said that VC was fully endorsing the CTE Center concept and was already talking with the district about not only sharing educational facilities but also sharing educators.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6