Arrests Made in Pharmacy Burglaries

Recently, a rash of Pharmacy and retail burglaries occurred in Wichita Falls and the outlying areas.  The cities of Lawton, Vernon and several areas in the metro-plex have experienced these burglaries as well.

Harvest Drug was first burglarized, and more recently, burglaries have occurred at the English Pharmacy, Eskimo Hut and again at Harvest Drug.

Early investigation indicated that the suspects responsible for the burglaries were most likely part of a group out of Ft. Worth. Wichita Falls Police Department Detectives and members of the Criminal Intelligence Unit worked diligently to identify the suspects by utilizing surveillance pictures and social media sources.

WFPD worked with Vernon, Lawton, DPS and Fort Worth Law Enforcement Officials as well to secure video and other information that was helpful in identifying the suspects.

Two suspects have been identified as 20-year-old Jordan O'Neal and 20-year-old Mekel Jackson, both from Ft. Worth.

The investigation is ongoing but warrants were issued for both these suspects.  Jackson is currently in custody at the Arlington Police Department Jail. O'Neal was arrested at his home by Fort Worth Police Officers. Their Bonds were set at $100,000 with more charges to follow.

Newschannel 6 reached out to the owner and pharmacist of Harvest Drug & Gift, Janet Beard, whose store was burglarized twice, once on March 5th and the other on March 30th.

"I was very frustrated, very in shock.  This is not a common place for this to occur.  We were certainly in disbelief that this could happen to a repeated system," said Beard.

Beard's prescription for these incidents is a stronger dose of security.

"We added additional motion detectors; we upped our other security factors within the store.  We had it re-analyzed by the security system just to make sure that we are well above and beyond the necessary normal requirements," said Beard.

Despite Harvest Drug & Gift getting burglarized twice, Beard said that she is thankful for local enforcement.

"We are so appreciative to our police department; those guys have worked very hard, very diligently.  They have been on this from the very first incident, trying to connect the dots and trying to get this ring of burglars and thieves connected and put behind bars," said Beard.

Beard also said she now has peace of mind that the two suspects are in custody.

"We can all rest easier knowing that these guys are behind bars and that the system does work," said Beard.

English Pharmacy and the Eskimo Hut on Seymour Highway were also burglarized on March 30th.

Newschannel 6 spoke to the owners of both of these locations who told us that they are very pleased the suspects have been caught and are now in custody.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6