Both Sides Rest in Luna Murder Trial

Duncan, Okla.- Both sides of the courtroom have rested their cases in the Chancey Luna murder trial.

The trial is expected to be in the hands of the jury Friday morning.

After hearing from the state medical examiner about the bullet that killed Chris Lane and the damage that it caused to his body, prosecutors rested their case and handed it to the defense who called Chancey's mother, Jennifer, very briefly.

She only gave one statement and that was that she loved Chancey with all of her heart. With that, she was dismissed and the defense rested.

Court was adjourned until Friday morning when jurors will receive their deliberation instructions and hear closing statements. Before wrapping everything up, Judge Graham asked Chancey one last time if he wanted to take the stand and testify on behalf of himself, and he told the judge that he wanted to stick with the original plan and not testify.