Authorities Say Suspect Confesses to Killing Two

A man has confessed to the deaths of two people whose bodies were found outside  of Quanah, Texas.

30-year-old Gary Andrew Callaway was arrested earlier this week at the Motel Six in Wichita Falls on a warrant for credit card abuse, and is now charged with Capital Murder. 

According to the arrest affidavit out of Hardeman County, Texas, Callaway confessed to committing the murders of 41-year-old Terrance Besaw and 47-year-old Lisa Waddle in the same criminal transaction on or before April 8th. He also stated that he used a firearm to commit the murders.

According to authorities, the murders happened off of Texas 285 just North of State Loop 133.

The medical examiner says the death of both Besaw and Waddle was “homicide by gunshot wound.”

Callaway is currently being held in the Childress County Jail on a one million dollar bond.