Open Carry: Passes House

Open Carry: Passes House

Texans could soon have the right to carry their guns in a holster in public as long as they have their concealed handgun license. Texas lawmakers in the state house voted and passed a bill that would do all that. Most gun owners support the right to open carry, but not all are eager or willing to exercise it.

Those who open carry could be opening themselves up to becoming a target.

"I don't ever not carry it is with me 24/7. Just another step in freedom I guess, although I would never open carry for other reasons," said Chris Reitsma of Point Blank CHL.

By allowing your gun to be seen Reitsma said that you're allowing yourself to be the first target.

"Letting the bad guy know that I'm armed the bad guy is going to know that I'm armed before I know he is the bad guy," said Reitsma.

A new law should not translate into new training said Reitsma.

"We have been trying to get our rights to where we can openly carry there is a lot of us that are yes or know about it," said Jason Lavender of Gun Co Arms.

Lavender said that there should be provisions mandating that gun owners who do open carry must do so in a retained holster.

"Basically, it's the same holsters officers as no one can just walk up yank their gun out of their holster. You have to actually hit the button down rock forward everything else," said Lavender.

The bill could head to Governor Greg Abbotts desk to be signed into law in the next few weeks.

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