Ruffles & Rust Expo

Ruffles & Rust Expo

Over 600 plus people could be seen spending money at Wichita Falls Multi-Purpose Event Center during the Ruffles & Rust Expo. The event brings in over 80 vendors both local and out of state. At $5 a ticket customers can shop and browse the variety of selections.

"People come here specifically to do shopping it is different then when you go to a store sometimes your just there to browse typically when people come here they are ready to do some good shopping," said Camey Maldonado who helps set up and run the Ruffles & Rust Expo.

Megan Allen of Chunky Charms said they can make thousands of dollars in a day's work with these types of events.

"We make more on these shows than I do as a teacher yes, so we do this about once a month, especially the ruffles and rust ones," said Allen.

Angela Guillory of Oh La La said that they can make three times as much as she does selling from her store in Wichita Falls.

"We do very well at the shows and we enjoy them and have a good time," said Guillory.

The event ended around 5 in the afternoon Maldonado said they made upwards of $3,000 from ticket sales.

, Newschannel6