WFISD Bond Breakdown

WFISD Bond Breakdown

Some Wichita Falls residents are still unsure of how they will vote in the upcoming WFISD bond election. There are others who are still unaware of what the bond actually proposes.

The bond comes with a $59.5 million dollar price tag for the school districts 2015 bond proposal. Over $35 million dollars will be used on a Career Technical Education Center for students. According to WFISD the building will be complete will lab spaces and flexible labs for new and changing programs. Local higher education schools like Midwestern State University and Vernon college as well as local businesses will work with the CTE.

Another $25 million will be used towards additions and renovations at Barwise, Kirby and McNiel Junior High Schools. An additional $5 million each for both campus security and classroom technology upgrades. Last is a proposed $1.75 million to repair Memorial Stadiums Parking lot.

People like Ashley Mayberry wrote that they are skeptical about the WFISD bond proposal.

"Nope, because they are trying to keep so quite with this proposal makes you wonder what they are hiding," said Mayberry.

Robert Kreiselmeier explained why he is not supporting the bond.

"Until we can exceed and not just meet academic standards, it will always be no," said Kreiselmeier.

Carrie Pawloski responded to his comment.

"How can we exceed expectations when we are working with subpar buildings and technology?" said Pawloski.

Paul Harder wrote why he is giving the bond his full support.

"I will vote in favor of this for the sake of our future leaders. Not everyone can afford to go to college and this will be a stepping stone for those young men and women to learn a skill before graduation," said Harder.

The bond is expected to have a tax impact on the average Wichita Falls household of $7 more a month. The vote is May 9th.

Click HERE to see the WFISD bond website.

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