Authorities Arrest Five After Large Marijuana Bust

Wichita Falls, TX. - A joint effort between WFPD Patrol, Organized Crime Unit and the Drug Interdiction Unit has led to four felony arrests, one misdemeanor arrest, two vehicles and around 27 pounds of marijuana seized.

According to the arrest affidavits of Arambula and Ortega, on April 20th at 5:15pm, two Wichita Falls police officers made a traffic stop on a 2011 Mercedes-Benz that had a Nevada license plate. WFPD says the driver failed to signal while pulling away from the curb in the 600 block of Fillmore.

The driver, Henry Arambula, told police he did have a marijuana joint in the ashtray, and that allowed officers to search the vehicle. The officers located a suitcase containing six large clear baggies, which were filled with marijuana. The total amount was 6.6 pounds. The passenger in the car was identified as Bianca Ortega.

According to the arrest affidavit of Gary Bernard Walker, Jr.,shortly after midnight of Tuesday, April 21st, WFPD Organized Crime Unit and Tactical Unit executed a search and arrest warrant at the Mainstay Hotel in the 1900 block of Elmwood for Gary Bernand Walker, Jr.

During the search police say they located three large vacuum sealed plastic bags containing a green leafy substance. The substance field tested positive for marijuana. The total weight was 16.11 pounds.

23-year-old  Henry Arambula, 27-year-old Bianca Ortega and 23-year-old Gary Walker, Jr. were arrested for Felony Possession of Marijuana under 50lbs and Possession of Controlled Substance under 28 grams.

27-year-old Matthew Martinez was also arrested for Felony Possession of Marijuana under 50 lbs, and 27-year-old Jose Escobedo  was arrested for Possession of Marijuana under 2oz and a warrant for Surety Off Bond/Possession of Marijuana under 5lbs, with a bond of $10,000.

All subjects are currently being held in the Wichita County Jail.