Finishing Touches to Be Completed At Wichita Falls Municipal Airport

While the Wichita Falls Regional Airport terminal is open for operations, crews continue to complete the remaining details of the project.

The Wichita Falls City Councilors have approved several change orders to for some final details to the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport.

The total cost for these change orders is $599,765, and had been previously appropriated by the city, and will affect the following changes.

· Rental car parking lot improvements per the tenants' request

· Repair of jet bridge damage to terminal building caused by tenant.

· Miscellaneous concrete work at the main parking lot water feature.

· Utility work associated with the demolition of the old terminal building.

· Electrical charges to be billed to the FAA grant.

· Accelerated apron work items associated with terminal opening in December 2014.

· Museum charges to include railing for exhibits.

· Surveying costs associated with Sheppard's request to document utility easements; surveying costs associated with apron project.

· Additional abatement of asbestos in relation to old terminal demolition.

· Transportation Security Administration changes to video and access systems.

· Landscape changes to primarily bring all of the irrigation pumps above ground and placed in centralized location.

· Completion of the ticket counter millwork.

· Advertising monitors and associated software.

· Completion of the meditation room to include seating and column work.

· Completion of road alongside old terminal building to apron area.

· Sewer line tie-in from Phase II to Phase I work.

· Land preparation in footprint of old terminal building.