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Right to Try Bill Passes Texas House

Right to Try Bill Passes Texas House

Terminally ill Texans, those who have less than six months to live, could soon have the right to try experimental drugs that have passed the first of three FDA trial phases. Once a terminally in Texan has exhausted other treatment options only then would they be allowed the right to try other options not fully approved by the FDA.

Just off Jacksboro Highway is Johnsons Furniture. Inside you will find salesmen Jeremy Johnson and though it may not look it now Johnson was once terminally ill with a stage three cancer. The odds were not good Johnson had a one percent chance to live.

"I did two bone marrow transplants, the technology and all that is amazing, but if it's only FDA approved to one level I'd say no," said Johnson.

As a religious man who sought and was able to secure treatment for his own battle Johnson said those experimental drugs that are labeled life saving could just as easily take life.

"It could kill you the next day, I'd say leave it in Gods hands and either way they go, God already has it planned out," said Johnson.

Should others have the right to try or should they accept death as a reality. Supporters of the bill say those with little life to live should have the right to life extending experimental treatments and prescriptions. Those against the bill say it could endanger patients even if the legislators voting in favor of it mean well. No changes can be made to the FDA drug approval process without changing federal laws. The Texas House passed the "Right To Try" bill Wednesday. The bill will now head to the Senate.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6
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