Food & DRINKS At An Upcoming Event in Graham?

In a 3 to 2 vote, Graham City Councilors granted a request from the Convention and Visitor's Bureau to allow the consumption of alcohol in the city's square for an upcoming event.  The upcoming event is the Food Truck Championship of Texas, which will be Saturday, June 6th.

Graham's Mayor, Jack Graham, was the determining factor.

“I just didn't see it as being that different or stepping outside of the box.  I felt it didn't go against what I felt the last couple of elections were trying to go for or oppose," said Graham.

Alcohol in Graham is a sensitive issue; it was on their November 2014 ballot.

Local religious leaders think the event would be good for the city of Graham, but selling alcohol would be detrimental to children.

“I'm disappointed.  I believe that the citizens voiced loud and clearly that they were opposed to this," said a Pastor at Faith Center Assembly of God.

“While we do pray for the success of any event here in Graham, I don't think this is the final word," said Father Ronald Moore of the Living Harvest Catholic Church.

A local business owner who was at the city council meeting said that she would like to have the choice to consume or not to consume alcohol.

Mayor Graham said that he respects all of the residents' views.

“I think they're all valid and need to be heard.  I just did not agree with them on that issue.   What we want to do is make sure that is a responsible event that has good people and a good time that families can enjoy," said Graham.

Graham is hoping to have thousands of people come into town for the Food Truck Championship of Texas.

, Newschannel 6