Scouting For Food Drive

Scouting For Food Drive

Hundreds of pounds of food is on its way to starving Texoma families. Bags full of donated dried and canned foods were pulled out of cars by young boy scouts. The scouts have been collecting for over a week encouraging people to donate the food to the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank.

"We went around our neighborhood with the bags and we asked people if they wanted to do it and almost everybody we asked said yes," said Wichita Falls Boy Scout Syler Foshee.

It's called "Scouting For Food Drive" and allows the scouts to provide food for the communities it represents. The area food bank represents more than just one city it represents and helps feed in 12 area counties. Hunger is still a real problem for some in Texoma.

"We ship out anywhere from 2000-5000 pounds a day. We don't quite meet the demand, but we try the best we can," said Wichita Falls Food Bank Operations Director Wendell Griffin.

It usually takes about a pound and a half of food to create a meal, today the scouts brought over 1200 plus pounds of food.

"So these boys are learning to be good citizens and also make their towns a better place to live," said Adele Lewis who helped organize the drive for the scouts.

Lewis said this was a pilot program and that she hopes the high number of donated items will help continue to help the drive make a bigger impact next year.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6