Iowa Park Car Burglaries

Iowa Park Car Burglaries

One of our viewers contacted us about increased car burglaries of unlocked cars in Iowa Park. The woman said an Iowa Park police officer came to my house today and said there have been 10 car burglaries.

At a local Iowa Park parking lot I met many who said they frequently leave their cars unlocked because they feel safe in the community.

"I actually left my car unlocked when I went in there and did not realize it until I came back out and thought, hmm I probably should have locked that I forgot," said Misty Deen of Iowa Park.

Earlier this week Deen said that her neighbors had become a recent victim of car theft.

"Someone broke into her car stole purse rings a lot of her personal belongings just in the middle of the night. I believe the car was unlocked so therefore it made it a little easier, but I mean if if someone is going to break in their going to break your window so if they want the stuff they're going to get it one way or another," said Deen.

Rachel Pace is another Iowa Park resident who, like Deen, will typically leave her car door unlocked.

"I don't think it's a problem I have not heard anything or nor have I seen anything I'm not sure what other people what's happened, but I have not and I have not heard anything about it whatsoever," said Pace.

Iowa Park police have told Newschannel6 that they will let us know by tomorrow if there has been an increase in car crime. Click HERE to learn more about how you can prevent your car from burglary.

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