TxDOT Kicks Off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

TxDOT Kicks Off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
Wichita Falls, TX –

May kicks off National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Over the next few weeks, the Texas Department of Transportation "Share The Road: Look Twice For Motorcycles" campaign will be in full swing. Its goal, to reduce crashes and save lives.

"A lot of times drivers don't see motorcyclist," said Beau Barton, a Texoma motorcyclist.

Last year, TxDot said 455 people died in motorcycle crashes on Texas highways and there have been 2,354 deaths since 2010.

"Somebody at night time didn't see me coming up next to them and came over on me and thankfully I was paying enough attention to be able to switch over, switch lanes,"

said Barton.

Of those killed, half were not wearing a helmet, one third took place at intersections and nearly half occurred when riding in rural areas of the state.

"I've lost several friends not wearing helmets in motorcycle accidents on the street,"

said Barton

TxDOT officials said drivers often tell police they don't see the motorcyclist until it's too late.

"People pulling in and out of their driveways or people dragging mud and stuff onto the road,"

said Barton.

Beau told Newschannel 6 his experience driving his motorcycle in Texaom has not been as bad as driving in bigger cities.

"It gets pretty aggressive out there when the traffic is heavier, but around here its pretty mellow," said Barton.

TxDOT hopes all of this awareness will remind drivers to check their mirrors twice, leave extra room between vehicles and use turn signals to prevent crashes and save lives.

, Newschannel 6
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