A.C.I.S.D. Is Moving Forward with Bond

As the 2014-2015 school year comes to a close, the Archer City Independent School District is putting their bond plans in motion.

Thanks to the $17.7 million bond passed in November of 2014, students and teachers will be cleared from the current Archer City Junior High and High school by June 1, 2015.

"They are boxing up the little things that they want to take with them.  They're getting ready right now, as we speak," said Superintendent for A.C.I.S.D., C.D. Knobloch.

When Archer City Junior High and High School students and staff return in August, they will be placed in temporary buildings which include 20 classrooms.

"10 classrooms in each building, and basically it's a long hallway with five classrooms on each side.  Two sets of restrooms in each building,"said Knobloch.

Superintendent Knobloch also said the temporary buildings are actually larger than what the school is used to; meaning students and staff will have plenty of room.

"We'll have about 225 students that go in these two buildings and there's probably room for 300.  They will have the technology we need to have in school and right now all of that is being installed," said Knobloch.

To have the temporary buildings set up, rented for 18 months and then taken away, will cost the school district $500,000.

The demolition of the current school will begin in July with the construction of the new school in August.  The new Archer City Junior High and High School is expected to open August of 2016.

The Archer City I.S.D. bond also includes new gym bleachers, new turf for the football field, five new buses and renovations to the elementary school.

"It's all about to happen right now.  We're getting a little anxious.  There is a lot of sadness over the building being demolished, but I think once we get going, people are going to like what they see when it is finished," said Knobloch.

, Newschannel 6