Flooding In Electra

Flooding In Electra

Storms over the past few days have sparked flash flood warnings throughout Texoma. The storms have made for hazardous driving conditions and flooding on roadways. The rain has also left its mark on one Texoma business.

Employees at the Crooked Creek Golf Course in Electra say they were greeted with water surrounding the course. Many people who were out and about Tuesday say it's common for the golf course to flood after a good rain, but the massive amount of water discovered was unexpected.

“I pulled in and my jaw dropped,” said Courtney Segler. “It was pretty amazing seeing all the rain out here.”

The Crooked Creek Golf Course normally has two creeks running through it. The two creeks feed into the Red River, meaning all the extra rainwater on the course will avoid area lakes and head to Lake Texoma.

Although the water won't head into area lakes, Segler is optimistic that course will still see the benefits.

“I mean sometimes it's pretty dry,” said Segler. “It stays dry, especially with the long hot summers. So it's pretty good, getting the rain, and it helps our greens and our fairways.

Employees at the course said the same areas flooded last week. However, they say the water on the green only lasted about a day. This time around, they expect it to last much longer.

Officials said the course will be forced to close down for at least four days. However, the golf course grill is still open for business.