MSU Holds Prayer Vigil

As the spotlight remains on Baltimore, community members in Wichita Falls came together to call for peace.

A prayer vigil was held at Midwestern State University on Wednesday night.  Around 20 people attended, including students at MSU.  They read passages from the bible and prayed for peace and justice.

"Things have been adding on top of each other over and over again," Rev. Elizabeth Glass Turner said.

She explained there comes a point when you have to be proactive.

Many of the community members said they were sorry for what happened in Baltimore and wish it never happened at all.  However, the problem isn't just there.  It can be felt anywhere you go.  Rev. Glass Turner said as she has gotten to know the students on campus, she hears stories about what they have endured.

"Just casually in passing they'll mention things they've experienced," she said.

It's also seen in our community, but one message she wanted to get across, is there is always hope.

Glass Turner said, "We want not only to embody that silence and carry it with us as a community to shoulder the burden of that silence with people.  We also want to be able to take that silence and push it outward and give it a voice.

After the vigil was over students took the time to write messages of hope on a long blank sheet of paper.  They said it lets everyone know how they feel and what they stand for.  They also had the opportunity to write on a separate piece of paper about something that's been said to them that was hurtful.  Then they took a picture to be posted online so the silence could be broken.

One message that was voiced is that violence is not the answer when tackling tough issues.  The best approach is no approach.  Just walk away.

, Newschannel 6