Texoma Votes 2015: Chenault vs. Melton

Texoma Votes 2015: Chenault vs. Melton

Wichita Falls' second district encompasses everything from the MPEC to Big Blue to Castaway Cove. But District 2 is also where DeAndra Chenault and Donnie Melton are fighting for a seat on the Wichita Falls City Council.

Texoma's drought is at the top of the list of issues. With recent flooding rains, some residents have expressed frustration at the Watershed's ability to shed most of the water. Chenault wants to try and change that.

"My concern is Lake Texoma, where the water, when it floods goes. Maybe seeing if it could go into our watershed in some way." Chenault proposed.

Melton says leaders would have to do more research on any proposals involving Lake Texoma before decisions are made.

"I think something like that could be feasible, it would be very expensive," Melton said.

Another necessity for District 2 is economic growth. Bringing businesses in is a top priority for both candidates.

"We need grocery stores, we need restaurants, we need industry. I would like to work towards accomplishing some of that," Melton said.

"There's really no grocery stores close for the resident's of District 2. I think that's something that is going to be hard to get, but I'm going to fight," Chenault said.

Outdated infrastructure, a nationwide issue, has not skipped Wichita Falls. Melton, owner of Donnies Wrecker Service, says most roadways and water lines in the district have been in place for the past fifty years, and are in need of a serious upgrade.

"We need to start looking into these things and try to bring them back to standards," Melton explained.

Chenault, who has worked at the Downtown Pharmacy for the past eight years, deals with many residents who don't have insurance. She hopes to make her constituents aware of resources available to them.

"There are different places here in town that help the people. Like Interfaith Ministry or Salvation Army. But a lot of people are not aware of these programs and some of them are free."

Both Chenault and Melton are hoping to get one message across: they are the best representative of District 2.

Election Day is May 9th.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6