Texoma Votes 2015: King vs. Santellana

Texoma Votes 2015: King vs. Santellana

Putting the spark back in the Wichita Falls economy is a main goal of both Walter King and Stephen Santellana, two men running for Wichita Falls City Councilor for District 1.

King believes that local sales taxes should be kicked back to support small businesses.

"They need to figure out a solid retail base for downtown. They need some local cottage industries, local people like the way it used to be," King said.

Santellana also wants to go back to the way The Falls used to be, by bringing in larger businesses.

"The factories that we've lost over the years, we need to replace those," Santellana said. "There was a point in this town where we graduated our manufacturing and engineering people, and they went straight to our factories here in town. Now we're sending those students off.

"We need to keep them here."

Santellana also says we've exhausted all options when it comes to the drought.

King, however, isn't out of ideas.

"They ought to look at the Wichita River over here, it flows year round," King said.

A retired AT&T employee and textile worker, King attends every City Council meeting, trying to gauge the pulse of the city.

"I try to learn what they're doing. I interact with the city staff. And I'm just wanting to put my two cents in for my neighbors."

But Santellana, who owns his own business, argues that doesn't mean King has a leg up come Election Day.

"Where he spends his spare time going to City Council meetings every other Tuesday, I spend daily time with my civic involvement," Santellana said. "Right now I'm on three different boards, so that's where my time is best spent."

Both candidates want to establish a dialogue between the local government and citizens of the 1st.

"I plan on being out here, Like Braums or Market Street, two or three mornings a week," promised King.

"For my sake it's simple, I'm a phone call away," Santellana said.