American Air Travel On The Rise In 2015

American Air Travel On The Rise In 2015

Wichita Falls, TX-

Results from a new travel survey reveal more Americans are expected to take domestic and international flights this year.

, the largest travel site surveyed about 1300 people, and 92 percent of them said they will take at least one domestic flight in 2015 in comparison to 89 percent last year. The travel website expects international flights to increase from 60 percent in 2014 to 67 percent this year. The survey comes out as many Texomans will soon be heading off for summer vacation.

Newschannel 6 reached out to a local travel agent to find out if that trend is the same here in Texoma.

"Mexico is our number one destination, the Dominican Republic,  and then Jamaica," said Glenn Jennings, a travel consultant at Parkair Incorporated in Wichita Falls. "And like I said, Europe is very popular this year and Alaska."

David Kraft, a Texoma resident, always told his students he wanted to travel the world. He is retired now, and has been traveling ever since. He frequently uses Parkair Travel Incorporated when planning trips.

"My wife and I did 72 countries together and I did nine more last fall," said Kraft. His wife passed away, but he forever treasures they time traveling the world together. This summer, he is taking his children and their spouses on a vacation.

Kraft said he loves to travel, but like most people, does not enjoy the airport experience.

Tripadvisor also released its findings on the top five things travelers like and dislike about flying.

Top 5 things travelers like:

1. The thrill of getting to a new destination

2. Sense of adventure

3. Looking out of a plan's window during take-off & landing

4. Chance to take a break from work during the flight

5. Chance to rest during the flight

Top five things travelers least like about flying:

1. Uncomfortable seat/legroom

2. Added fees, bag fees, seat selection - give me a break!

3. Unpredictable flight delays/cancellations

4. Cost of airline airfare

5. Loud/crying children

According to the survey, passengers said the most improved aspect of flying over the past five years has been shopping and booking flights online.

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