Welcomed Weed Growth

Welcomed Weed Growth

Employees of Berend Turf and Tractor call an area out back "The Triage," but it doesn't apply to wounded people. It's a waiting area for broken lawn care equipment.

And this spring, it's a lot more crowded.

"We've seen a lot of mowers come in, and the riding mowers and some of the small tractors have really increased," Co-owner of Berend Turf & Tractor Lee Berend said.

Spring has sprung in Texoma, and something also springing up: weeds. Almost four inches of rain in April, a well above average amount, is causing these things to grow.

These wet weeds can cause havoc on mowers and trimmers.

"They tend to stick to the bottom of the deck," explained Berend, "which can cause some damage, broken belts, worn blades."

Another thing keeping Berend busy is, because of the drought, many pieces of lawn care equipment haven't been used in years. Now, when these machines get the call, they aren't up to the task.

"Anytime you can get that equipment out, even if your not using it, and get it started and make sure it runs, do it," Berend advised.

Local landscapers are also seeing green from recent rains. Paul Dowlearn of Wichita Valley Nursery is the busiest he's been in quite some time.

"Look at the flowers, as well as the weeds. We got stuff blooming everywhere and things look great, and it's good to see things green," Dowlearn said.

And with more rain on the way, May could be just as green.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6